‘Die Boer Teater’ August Highlights



Acoustic covers" by Kaleidoskoop consists of evergreen songs by famous, world class artist such as Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, The Cranberries and ABBA. Each song is renovated into a unique, acoustic crowd-pleaser that will have you singing along in no time. "Acoustic covers" is brimful of interesting instruments like: piano-accordion, wurlitzer, ukulele, glockenspiel, 12-string acoustic, double bass and a string quartet. The unique vocal duo ensures a fresh rendition of old favourites, giving it a Kaleidoscopic swirl. www.kaleidomusiek.co.za


1 AUG AT 20:30


BOOKINGS: 021 979 1911 / www.dieboer.com




Ja, ja ek weet ʼn opvolg is nooit so goed soos die oorspronklike konsert nie ... en jy’s is reg ... hierdie domkoppe is nie so goed nie ... dis BETER! Belowe. Meer aksie, meer kwinkslae en minder lessies. As jy die eerste domkoppe aanskou het ... sien ons jou beslis weer! As jy ongelukkig uitgemis het ... hier’s jou kans om IN te wees by die cool groep. En bring sommer jou man saam, dis eenvoudig genoeg sodat mans dit ook kan verstaan! Beleef hoe dom Steve is, hoe slim Tobie is, hoe slinks Die Flooze is, hoe siek Casper is en hoe mal Chris is. Terloops, die eerste Domkoppe is genomineer vir ʼn Fiësta toekenning ... genoeg gesê!


Teks en Regie: Chris Vorster

Met Chris Vorster en Willie Steyn se bitter kunstige kunswerke. Vervaardig deur GZ Produksies


7 AUG OM 20:30


BESPREKINGS: 021 979 1911 / www.dieboer.com




It is hard to live in South Africa for more than five minutes without looking around in wide-eyed bewilderment, and asking “What the EFF?”.  Whether it’s hippies rubbing their chords together to produce solar energy, militants marching into parliament in Pep Stores overalls and Italian shoes, or taxi drivers who manage to simultaneously cut you off and flip you the bird while paging through the newspaper and counting their money... at some point in every day, you will say: “what the EFF?”.


Fortunately, Nik Rabinowitz is here to answer that question. Or maybe not answer it, so much as shake it a bit, and see what falls out. From the leafy green ganglands of Constantia to the imaginary book-storage lockers of Limpopo, Rabinowitz casts his eye far and wide, and muses: “what the EFF?” And if politics isn’t your cup of tea, there’s plenty of other ridiculousness that’ll have you shaking your head, and clutching your sides.


12, 13 AUG AT 20:30


BOOKINGS: 021 979 1911 / www.dieboer.com





André Schwartz, there is no better way to describe André on stage as to compare him with dynamite! André has mastered the art of conducting a show, capturing his audience, not only with his sensitive tender voice, but also with his magnetic stage performance. André makes the experience of attending a show, an unforgettable one, with his excellent voice, captivating his audience and taking them off on a nostalgic, stylish, humorous tour. He sings his own hits, songs from musicals in which he has performed, big band swing songs, and when he gets in behind the piano singing a few cherished songs, one really wishes the show to last forever.  It is almost impossible to mention André’s complete success story …. He has produced 13 CD’s of which most have achieved “golden status”. This repertoire varies from traditional Afrikaans, English... to musicals and Big Band.


Having said all this, also remembering that he carries Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stamp of approval on his performance as the Phantom in the Phantom of opera, being one of the world’s best Phantoms. He had his audience ecstatic performing this role. A few other musicals in which he has performed the leading role was, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Supestar as well as Captain Von Trap in the Sound of Music. To summarise all…. attending an André Schwartz show becomes a life changing experience!!


16 AUG AT 13:30


BOOKINGS: 021 979 1911 / www.dieboer.com




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