Press: Mpinga Mornings


Mpinga Mornings marks the return of Roger and Debi Hawkins to the HIFA stage, the last time they collaborated as husband and wife at HIFA, was in 2001, with Fade to Black. They have a brand new play to bring back this time, a one woman play featuring drama and song.


Mpinga Mornings is a powerful and moving one woman play that features the intertwined lives of three women; a mother, a daughter and maid, whose lives are bound together by a farm and a common history.


Kate is a young mother living in London homesick for her family and childhood farm upbringing, Jane is her strong and inspiring mother still living in Zimbabwe and Gracie is her beloved childhood maid and nanny. Set in the turbulent recent Zimbabwean troubles, the story spans the Rhodesian Civil War through to the land invasions and economic collapse.  Mpinga Mornings is an emotional map of the troubles that have afflicted ordinary Zimbabweans and it's a tribute to the strong and amazing women that form the backbone of this resilient society. This is a deeply moving story, told with humor and pathos, avoiding the politics and focusing on three extraordinary women who have endured hardship and loss, survived and ultimately have more in common than they realise. The play uses music and song, interwoven with a triple narrative that takes the audience on an engrossing and entertaining journey to Mpinga, showcasing the multiple talents of Debi Hawkins.



Written by: Roger Hawkins

Performed by: Debi (Thomas) Hawkins
Directed by: Coleen van Staden





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