Scene It: Big Girls at Kalk Bay Theatre is Lalalicious

May 19, 2015

It is no secret that I absolutely adore the vocal wonders that are Vanessa Harris and Lucy Tops! Every time they sing in any show I am always left amazed, and they again delivered the musical goods in Big Girls currently showing at Kalk Bay Theatre. Their vocals are jaw-dropping spectacular!


On opening night I was also introduced to a new face, Cassandra Money … my money is definitely on her to play "Chrissy" Snow if there is ever a remake of 'Three is Company'! Although maybe not vocally as strong as Harris and Tops, Money brings the money when it comes to the comical element of the show, playing the ditsy, kind-hearted friend to Tops (the gin-for-breakfast gal) and Harris (the ‘let’s do it for the boys’ cheerleader).



In Big Girls, these three divas sing you through the story of how they became an outrageous girl band singing sensation known as The Lalas, with the ever so ‘subtle’ Northern Suburbs influence shimmering through. You can’t but root for them to catch that big break they so long for.


Although the sitcom type storyline may not be as strong as Big Boys, perhaps because the gals even overpower their own comical plot with their big lyrical numbers, it is a show that hits the right feel-good spot. Big Girls is perfectly designed to make you tap your feet, sing along and just have a blast of a time… even giggle guiltily at the naughty innuendos of which there are quite a few. So time those sips of vino well theatre patrons, you may just giggle-choke as Harris delivers her sneaky adult lines with that “Oh me? Never!” smirk we so love her for!


An extra bravo and a round of applause is deserved for their opening night performance, as they had to out sing Eskom and the loadshedding shenanigans, but with the Kalk Bay Theatre generator and their spunk and vivaciousness as backing, they sang the power right back on. Ain’t nobody gonna keep the Big Girls down!


Well done to the gals and Follow Spot Productions for another fun night of theatre. I predict that this show will be a definite festival circuit hit for all involved this year. Sold out shows are in The Lalas' future for certain.


You can treat yourself to an evening of fabulously fun entertainment with Big Girls until 31 May, at R125 a seat in the inviting Kalk Bay Theatre. Oh and don’t forgot to book for a pre-show supper and taste of their delicious new Big Girls strawberry cocktail (with just a hint of wicked tequila). I so hope they will keep the cockatil on the menu as a Lalalicious treat always!



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