Spotlight: Stepping into the Cabaret era with the dashing Daniel Buys

Oozing charm, sincerity, wit and a dazzling smile, handsome young actor Daniel Buys, currently to be seen as the iconic Clifford Bradshaw in Cabaret at the Fugard Theatre is an absolute delight to meet and chat with.


Starring opposite the beautiful Claire Taylor as Sally Bowles, Buys brings his own to the well-known male lead of Cabaret. Theatrical actor, budding musician and an adoring boyfriend, Buys is an all-round swell guy!


We met with the charismatic Daniel Buys ahead of the Worker’s Day weekend and discovered there’s so much more to him than just being a terrific performer:



TSCT: Matthew Wild brings a very different version of this classical musical to the stage. What has working with him been like?

DB: Working with Matthew, in my very limited experience was a completely different one. I must say he allowed us a lot of freedom to interpret the characters as we saw fit and that was quite fun.  It’s been a good process.


TSCT: The immediate chemistry between Sally and Cliff makes for a whirlwind romance and sets the tone for the show. How do you and Claire keep that chemistry going?

DB: That’s also something that’s been a work in progress. Your chemistry onstage will always read better if you have chemistry offstage. We didn’t know each other before the show and as the process has gone on, getting into production, our chemistry is reading better and we feel more at ease to play with each other.


TSCT: Which of the show’s hit numbers would best describe Cape Town?

DB: I think a lot of the songs have relevance to Cape Town but if I had to pick just one, it would definitely be Cabaret – the glitz and glamour of the high life meets the ugly underbelly of the streets.


TSCT: What inspires you?

DB: At the moment, my beautiful girlfriend, Taryn-Lee Hudson, inspires me – she’s away in New Zealand performing in Singing in the Rain. Especially in my own writing right now, because she’s all I think about. Then my life inspires me, I have a pretty good one.


TSCT: You said you fell into musical theatre. Can you tell us more about that?

DB: I wanted to be a singer songwriter and so I did a season of the reality TV series Idols and that got me the part of Chuck.B.Charming in a musical pantomime with Bianca le Grange as my Snow White. So that was my first taste of theatre and I stuck with it because I found I quite enjoyed it and that I was quite good at it. So music writing took a back seat and it still is – I am still an aspiring musician.


Come to the Cabaret, ol’chum! This surprising local production has extended its run until Saturday 13 June, 2015. Tickets are available at Computicket.


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