Scene It: Everyone's Python and Robert in a dress!

April 8, 2015

Most people have heard of Monty Python, given that some may not know what they know of “him”, but they know something. That is what makes Pythonesque (a play commissioned by Pieter Toerien himself, having first wowed audiences in 2009) such a fun experience. Depending on your Python background and how much you know about the Flying Circus shenanigans, your experience will definitely be different from the patron sitting next to you.


Although different, a joyful experience if will nevertheless be. To put it in perspective, we went as a group of friends of which one is a true Python purist. In describing his experience he noted that -


  1. he liked the connecting non-Python bits the most (as although brilliant no one can do Python sketches as well as the original troupe),

  2. the people sitting behind him nearly keeled over with laughter and clearly liked it all, and

  3. the couple next to him were explaining the jokes to one another, but while still enjoying their explanations, got it horribly wrong.


Debates will definitely be had, favourite jokes compared and the popcorn attacks thoroughly enjoyed (read point and laugh) when you are not sitting in the middle of the front row (hint!). Our group unanimously decided that Graham Hopkins (as John Cleese) was absolutely brilliant and we may never get the funny but very disturbing image of Robert Fridjhon in a dress out of our minds.

Pythonesque is a great evening out with friends for certain! It is up there with Potted Potter as light-hearted fun that will make you love theatre. Walking out the group wondered why we don’t just do theatre nights as a casual meet-up at Theatre on the Bay more often, especially seeing as you can go relax in the Side Dish Theatre Bistro upstairs before a show with a delicious three course meal costing you on average about R250 (wine included) and thereafter be thoroughly entertained with quality productions. Thank you Mr T for reminding us what a true theatre haven we have in Camps Bay.


Pythonesque runs at Theatre on the Bay until 11 April and you can book your tickets to experience the hilarious escapades of Robert Fridhjon, Graham Hopkins. Theo Landey and Russel Savadier as The Pythons at Computicket.


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