Spotlight: Belinda Davids takes on Whitney Houston on her own

We’ve been Whitney Houston fans since childhood,  (yes, we still sing I Wanna Dance With Somebody at the top of our lungs with accompanying dance moves in front of our bedroom mirrors, who doesn’t?), but we’ve never seen our late idol perform live, much to our disappointment. 


Naturally, when the opportunity presented itself, we jumped at the chance to meet Port Elizabeth born songbird Belinda Davids, who plays the iconic award-winning singer in the Showtime Management tribute production, The Greatest Love of All: The Whitney Houston Show at the Artscape Theatre, from Wednesday 8 to Sunday 19 April, 2015.


Confident, beautiful, humble and incredibly gifted, we soon discovered that far from being just another Whitney impersonator, Belinda is every woman and so much more when we met with her for a chat ahead of the show:


TSCT: What inspires you?

BD: “Everything… literally everything. When I look at these Artscape Theatre chandeliers, I want to go home and try to recreate them for my house. Everything inspires me. Music? When it comes to music, I have no favourites. I like to listen to everything- you draw from it. Even people, hardworking people are my passion. If you want to put something down…put that down, hardworking people inspire me.”


TSCT: Which one of Whitney’s songs would best describe Cape Town?

BD: “I‘m Every Woman… and that one goes to all the girls who work really hard.”


TSCT: Any advice for aspirant performers?

BD: “Don’t forget that being a singer is hard work. It’s not easy. It’s a matter of patience. It’s hard work and it’s a hurry up and wait game. Then comes the passion so keep going and don’t ever quit. If you love it and love singing a lot like I do, then don’t stop and keep going. Take care of yourself and your voice. Stop smoking, don’t drink. Do what you need to do to be the best you, the best singer, the best performer you can be.”


TSCT: Finally, what would you have liked to say to Whitney if you’d met her?

BD: ”Thank you… thank you for making me recognise my own talent.”


TSCT: “Then, we had a question from the another theatre, Baxter Theatre… a bit tongue in cheek: where do broken hearts go?”

BD: “Where do broken hearts go… that was terrible! I’m trying to sing it the way someone in the crowd would… That’s a tough question to answer. I can see how she connected with that song. I’d say it just floats… sort of floats away with time and then you get over it and you start again.”


We’re SO excited for opening night of this MUST-SEE show! The Greatest Love of All runs at the Artscape Theatre, from 8 to 19 April, 2015. Tickets start at R 125 and available at Computicket.




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