Scene It: Improguise makes for an impromptu night of fun!

April 1, 2015

So, it’s been a Blue Monday and you need a pick-me-up … steer clear of the chocolate and tequila binge, and head out to Improguise: Players of TheatreSports’s improv show at the Galloway Theatre instead for a guaranteed night of fun!


I first encountered the magic of the Improguise team playing TheatreSports in 2008 and was immediately taken with the concept of made-up on the spot comedy theatre where anything is possible and anything goes. Fast forward seven years later and the cast ,as seen at the show  at the Galloway Theatre on Monday 23 March, 2015,  are still as side-splitting hilarious and incredibly imaginative as ever.


The concept is simple: two teams of performers compete for bragging rights and points in a series of five improv games, asking for suggestions of names, genres, performance styles, locations etc. from the audience.


The atmosphere for the night is set with a hearty “Scan” rendition of the Oley anthem. Audience participation is a vital part of the show, with everything from the afore-mentioned suggestions to a foot-stomping version of The Supremes’ “Stop in the name of Love”, accompanied by a cloth of fluff to stop a team from continuing a scene that’s carrying on too long.

Improguise has been thrilling Capetonian audiences with TheatreSports for more than 20 years and theatre lovers will recognise some of their ever-growing cast from their other works, including director Megan Furniss, actor Leon Clingman and comedienne Anne Hirsch.  Monday night’s teams included Hirsch, Tandi Buchan (Improguise’s Artistic Director), Clingman, Carolyn Lewis and Ardine Fick.


From Hirsch’s tummy-achingly funny interpretative dance of young woman’s feelings for her dentist and her impersonation of Patricia de Lille doing a Scottish jig at the Dubliner to Clingman, Buchan and Lewis‘s comical run-through of dialogue in a range of accents and a volley ball in space opera sung by the entire cast, this edition of the show was one of the funniest I’ve seen!


What strikes me most about this unique group of people is that they not only know how to have fun, they understand the true concept of “laugh and the world laughs with you”. We need more actors like these!


Be sure to add this to your must-see Cape Town theatre bucket list. Improguise: Players of TheatreSports is held each Monday night at the Waterfront Theatre School’s Galloway Theatre. Please call Tandi at 072 939 3351 for bookings. Visit for more info.


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