Scene It: The hilarious Nik Rabinowitz live on stage in "What the EFF?" at the Baxter

We've seen plenty of comedy shows in the past year, featuring South Africa's top performers, and often lamented the fact that these guys stick to their tried and trusted routines so often, we can repeat their jokes verbatim. 'What the EFF?' is nothing like Nik's previous shows (the last one being 2013's uNik) and we love him for it!


The fact that Nik is a  brilliant comedian is undisputed but to fill theatres year after year and remain relevant, bringing fresh content to your loyal fans, takes true talent and that he has in spades. 


From taking the mickey out of our recent State of the Nation drama and ripping off the latest dieting fads and religious foodie bans,to the antics of misguided competition players of his game TV show hosting days and society's asinine obsession with Kim Kardashian West's voluptuous booty, Nik has his finger on the country's comedic pulse and it's wildly refreshing.


Yes, the man pushes the boundaries of some topics that will leave you  with more than a few uncontrollable giggles and blushes of shame for laughing at things you really shouldn't ( cue the Oscar Pistorius mentions)  but what is humour for, if not to see the lighter side of the crazy times we live in? We all ask ourselves 'What the EFF?' is going on in our Motherland, Nik just has the courage to say it out loud.


The big hearted Mr Rabinowitz repeats his tradition of having up and coming jokers perform as his opening act ( as seen with Kagiso "KG" Mokgadi for uNik and Tats Nokozo for Stand and Deliver) by welcoming Sne Dladla, a 2015 Fleur du Cap Theatre Award nominee,  last seen in  Orpheus in Africa, onto the stage. This multi-talented youngster (he sings, dances and acts) sure has a set of lungs on him and one heck of a sense of humour as he looks at what reverse apartheid would have been like.


'What the EFF?' runs at the Baxter Theatre until Saturday 14 March, 2015. Tickets are R 165 and are available  at Computicket.






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