Scene It: Another Day is dance-theatre for the soul

February 20, 2015

Warning: This production will lead to accelerated heart rates, wanton screams of pleasure and the need to get up and dance!


It is no secret that we have always loved the comical musical and dancing styling of the Follow Spot Production shows. So we were admittedly very excited to head off to go see their newest creation, Another Day.


Another Day however is slightly off beat from the Follow Spot norm, and not in a bad way, but in an amazingly beautiful and different way. The star of this piece is definitely dance itself, as Ash Searle and Vanessa Harris confessed that, in dreaming up this dance-centric tale, they got back to their roots… primarily telling a story through the medium of movement. It is in fact all they promise it to be, “a fully-fledged dance production”!


The dancing is sultry and sexy without coming across as too provocative or cheap... It made us think of an intimate version of Broadway sensation Burn The Floor at times. Even though this is a “silent” production in that there are no speaking roles, the story being told comes across loud and clear and beautifully touching as the perfect complement to the dancing.


Lucy Tops (a Fleur du Cap Award nominee for Best Actress in a Musical), like the true songstress diva that she is, compliments the dancing with her hypnotising singing. She uses music to elaborate on the story of love and longing with her hauntingly beautiful voice, while the dancers (Ash Searle, Brad Searle, Nadine Theron, Ruby Burton, Darren Greef and Pasha Dos Santos) sweep you away with sleek movements and amazing technique and talent.


The movements provide a perfect balance between various forms of dance, feeling like a dance mash-up of all our favourite movie moments: Dirty Dancing (beautiful lifts by Ash and Nadine), Step Up 3 (step aside Vladd, Brad has arrived), Centre Stage (love scenes portrayed in a way that would make Ethan Stiefel sit up and take notes).


There are at least two twists that you won’t see coming… and the Searle brothers jokingly admitted that some couples have left the show having a fiery difference of opinion as to which character was in fact the “villain.


The comedy is subtle, hinted at through facial expressions and gestures, primarily provided by the hilarious Brad and the ever so naughty Darren. The use of digital media (a Follow Spot trade mark by now) is also so cleverly incorporated that switching on our PC’s this morning almost made us bust a move or two to the Windows welcome tone.


If a picture speaks a thousand words, then Nadine and Ruby’s faces are masterpieces and speak volumes – from seductive temptress and coy secretary type to a girl being in the first throes of young love, their facial expressions are as beautiful to watch as their dancing.


This production can do no wrong … you walk out on a cloud after seeing it, knowing that your soul has been touched by a show that is pure heart and art! Sitting in the intimate surroundings of the inviting Kalk Bay Theatre, we definitely experienced a theatre for the soul moment.


Book now online to be swept away by the story-telling power of dance! This must-see production runs until 7 March 2015 at The New Kalk Bay Theatre & Restaurant, where you can even grab a delicious meal before the show too!


So when you do go see the show (because we know you will), do us a favour…


(1) Ask the uber talented Grant Jacobs who you will undoubtedly run into at KBT to make you a pre-show #TheatreSceneBlue cocktail… to die for amazing!


(2) Tweet us (@TheatreSceneCpt) and let us know if you agree that the brothers Searle might possibly be the new Gene Kelly (Ash) and Fred Astaire (Brad) … they seem to be channelling even their mannerisms at times ;)


Now go book for Another Day already and enjoy!


Scene It by Barbara Loots and Fazielah Williams.

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