Press: Nik Rabinowitz brings new hot show 'What the EFF?' back by popular demand

February 10, 2015

It’s hard to live in South Africa for more than five minutes without looking around in exasperation and asking: "What the EFF?”


You know that feeling… you’ve made pasta, you’ve poured yourself a drink and you’re about to enjoy one of modern life’s greatest pleasures - dinner in front of the TV, and then - it’s all snatched away from you in an instant - load shedding. And what about that bottomless feeling when you come back to where you definitely parked your car to find an empty space instead. Whether it’s the robots that haven’t worked in so long, drivers are confused when they do work; or politicians marching into parliament in Pep Store overalls, hard hats and Italian shoes, at some point you’ve probably asked yourself, "What the EFF?”


From the leafy green ganglands of Constantia, to the imaginary book storage lockers of Limpopo, I have cast my eye far and wide, and now I stand beside you and ask: "What the EFF?”

Fortunately I will be at the Baxter Theatre from February 23rd to answer that question. Or maybe not answer it, so much as shake it a bit and see what falls out. 


Sne Dladla, a bright young star on the comedy circuit, is my opening act. Sne’s just been nominated for a prestigious Fleur du Cap Theatre Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a  Music Theatre Show for his various roles in Fergus of Galloway. Not only can he act, he can also funny.


What the EFF? runs at the Baxter Theatre from 23 February to 14 March 2015. Tickets cost between R120 (previews) and R165, via Computicket or 0861 915 8000. Advance booking is highly recommended. Age restriction PG13.


More About Nik. By Nik. Nik Rabinowitz attended a Waldorf School, where he learned how to grow his own veggies, how to express his feelings through interpretative dance, and how to crochet his own underpants.  It was here that he was taught how to fulfill his true destiny, whilst simultaneously doing advanced forms of yoga, in German. As a result, Nik always knew, deep down, that he was destined to go into comedy. Which is why, after completing Matric, he studied Business Science. (His Mom said if the comedy thing fell through, at least he'd be able to feed himself).  When no-one is looking Nik pretends to be a praise-singer, narrating his own actions. For example: "Nik Rabinowitz! Makes toast like a warrior, hunts peanut butter like a lion! Breakfast foods tremble in his presence”. Little known fact: Rabinowitz is rumoured to be an extraordinarily talented cricketer. His leg-spinning prowess was so great that Pakistani bookmakers bankrolled his comedy career to keep his stunning skills out of the international arena. Not only is Rabinowitz funny, he also has a list of achievements the likes of which many can only aspire to. For instance. He once posed nude. Not because anyone asked him to, he just did it. Also, he represented South Africa at the Jewish Olympics, which is like the Special Olympics, but with more dentists and accountants.


Some other achievements (2008 to present):


  • SA stand up of the year (2008/2009)

  • Starred in BAFUNNY BAFUNNY at London’s Royal Albert Hall (2010)

  • Guest appearance on BBC 2's Mock the Week (2011)

  • International comedy performances include UK, Holland, Australia, Canada, USA.

  • Host of satirical show “The Week that Wasn’t” on 702, SA's biggest talk radio station (2008 - present).

  • Voice over artist/impressionist for online show ZA News ( (2009 - present).

  • Nominated best actor for SA Film & TV Awards for ZA NEWS (2013)

  • SAFTAs co-winner best ensemble in a comedy for ZA NEWS (2013)

  • Film acting (The Deal, I Now Pronounce You Black and White, Copposites, Material)

  • Produced and performed 10 one man shows, including Live in London at the Soho Theatre (2011), You Can’t be Serious (2012), Stand and Deliver (2012/13), Stand Up(2014), and What the EFF? (2015).


Press Release provided by Allison Foat.

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