Press: A National Tweet to Action

February 2, 2015

Evita Bezuidenhout's onslaught against corruption and pessimism via @TannieEvita has caught on, and South Africans are tweeting as well as emailing their suggestions on what the #paybackthemoney loot should be spent on. This does not only refer to a cluster of rondawels in KZN, but any diversion of public funds into pockets, purses, palms and projects. Charlize Theron has added her 'commit your selfie' pic from Hollywood where she always manages to keep an eye on South Africa and support the country she loves and the people she inspires. 


The deadline for selfies to be emailed to  is 7 February. By then an anthem will have been recorded (more to follow re this) and through song and snap, those in South Africa who want their opinions added, will be included. When Parliament opens on 12 February with all the expected pomp and confusion, at least the country will have also had a say in the arenas of democratic expression - with a smile. As Tannie Evita says: "Corruption prevails when people of good sense do nothing." 


Let's do something.

-Tannie Evita




Tannie Evita, through her Twitter handle @Tannie Evita with its 80k Followers, has started a campaign against corruption and pessimism, asking South Africans to take a #CommitYourSelfie pic and email it to her with their wish list of how money should be spent in SA. Commit your selfie to a better future! "If we the people lead, the government will follow". 


Unchartered territory is a phrase used now more than ever. On 12th February 2015 South Africa's Parliament reopens with President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation address. This time round there are expectations of disorder. Slogans may be shouted and brandished. Red costumes could overshadow the dignity and importance of this start to a new season of lawmaking and governance of the people, for the people and by the people. Recent happenings in world politics have shown the huge significance of civil unity and democrats willing to stand up and be counted against threats of chaos and corruption. In some cases far worse. Humour is still a unique weapon against in onslaughts of arrogance, dishonesty, carelessness and fear. 

Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout, still the most famous white woman in South Africa, has decided to lead a public voice against corruption and pessimism, be it in government, management, the corporate world, white collar or blue, rich, black, white or poor. Inspired by the now-familiar hashtag and slogan pay back the money, she intends to focus on all diversion of funds, not just that famous reason for that demand in rural KZN. Through the #CommitYourselfie campaign which started on 19th January, Mrs Bezuidenhout suggests that if these monies illegally and corruptly taken be returned so that the wheels of our democratic society can once again be properly oiled, we could all expect a better delivery of services to the people.
A special anthem has been written and recorded to be ready by the first week of February 2015, focusing on the passionate chorus that "we are marching to tomorrow, tomorrow starts today." The visuals celebrate the rainbow nation in all its colours, genders, ages and classes. Added to this will be a selection of public contributions through Twitter, email and other social highways. Inspired by her hashtag #CommitYourselfie, all South Africans have been encouraged to join the march by taking a selfie of themselves holding a sign that states what part of their lives they want to see enriched by returned funds. #PayBackTheMoney so that health, welfare, education, children, homes, hospitals, schools, transport, justice, safety, environment, electricity, water and hundreds of other pillars of our society can benefit for all in a better future for all. Let the people lead and maybe the government will follow.


The Freedom Charter, now celebrating its 60th year, has a preamble that starts with: We the people …. So on 12th February, a week after this project has gone viral through the social media, the tunes and images of citizens 'committing themselfies' to a better tomorrow for all, might somehow calm the emotions in Parliament and let the State of the Nation address lead towards a reflection of the nation in a better state. It's all about the smile that inevitably will grow broader when any MP hears the slogan Pay Back The Money, having also embraced the hashag #CommitYourselfie and taken the snap to join the countless others that might convince us that freedom of expression is not something of the past.


Join Evita's onslaught against corruption and pessimism. Pay back all the money! Spend where it's needed! Take a selfie! Tweet your selfie! Email your Selfie, with YOUR wish for SA! Send it to before 28 January!


Evita Bezuidenhout will deliver her Luthuli Housekeeping Report to the Cape Town Press Club at 13h00 on Tuesday 10th February 2015.


Press release provided by Allison Foat.

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