Scene It: Wild, funny theatre with heart

January 28, 2015

Wild … the story about a man starting over,

actually no, it is the story about why a man is starting over,

actually no, it is the story preceding the starting over of a man starting over …

and he does all this uber funny starting over-over with “Narnia” experience flair ala the fabulous Eleanor…


“Who is that?” you ask. “His co-star? Isn’t this a one-man comedy show?” No spoilers! But going to find out what is real and what is not, is part of the fun of this Wild adventure.


In short, it is fabulous, it is funny, it shows off Robert Fridjhon’s amazing comedic and physical theatre talent and is just a must see! 


Actually to start this “scene it” over, why are you still reading and not already booking your tickets to see this show, which sadly ends it’s short run at Theatre on the Bay on 31 January 2015! Click here NOW and BOOK ---> Computicket


Ok so you need a little more convincing? *Sigh* Let me humour you. Here are 5 additional reasons:


1) Everyone from 25 – 35 years will definitely relate! (Everyone older will laugh at those relating.) Wild is the Defending the Caveman for the 30 Somethings … Probably because you have –

  • wished you could run over a very annoying boss who makes your life hell

  • gotten a little too well marinated with tequila after a night out with friends and drunk dialled your significant other;

  • talked yourself out of a relationship by trying too hard to explain that you were actually not drunk at all;

  • had a random conversation with a very sane staring cat …

you know, very ordinary, random 30 something stuff like that! That is actually enough to count as 5 reasons in weight alone … but wait, there is more…

2) It is directed by the equally fabulous, Alan Committie.

3) There are amazing funny Star Wars references in this show. (The geek in me laughed way way too loud) … but other similar relatable funnies jump out at you around every corner! So if you are wondering what the hell Star Wars is (alas I cannot talk to you anymore), don’t worry, you will have moments of equal enjoyment where something makes you lol too loud or squeal inappropriately.

4) It is the best workout your stomach muscles can get, post festive season over-indulgence, without going through the trauma of visiting a gym!

5) Robert actually reveals why lionesses find him so irresistible or at least we think they do … or just edible, if the degree of licking is anything to go by ;)


Oh and as a bonus (6) did we mention that Robert is donating 10% of his Wild earnings to the Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary? This he is doing because of the inspirational time he spent he;ping our beautiful lion friends with their rehabilitation after suffering at the hand of cruel people. How cool and compassionate is that?!


Funny theatre with heart, what more can you ask for?! Nothing, we know, so we also know that now you won’t even hesitate a little bit to click here and book, book, book: Computicket.


Scene It by Barbara Loots.

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