Press: Nat – Rust Co-Operative’s new show

January 9, 2015

A multi-lingual performance (Afrikaans vernacular, English, isiXhosa and isiZulu) that uses text, movement, body percussion and soundscapes, Nat is intended as a sharp slap in the face of collective apathy and acceptance that certain children will always live in adversity and be subjected to a particular set of realities. The expendable children that populate our disadvantaged communities - the children who are too poor to have a childhood.

The story follows three adolescents who form the smallest gang in the neighbourhood, The Cannibal Kids, and protect each other by vreeting anyone who crosses them. But as their bodies grow older they start to realise the devastating fissions, frissons and fusions in their friendship.


The play, inspired by the teaching work Penny Youngleson has done at the Battswood Arts Centre over the last 2 years, stars Iman Isaacs, Indalo Stofile and Richard September and gives a voice those learners standing unprotected, exposed to the world:


"I wrote this play in response to the fourteen year olds who have been told to leave school because they are pregnant. To the nine year olds who aren’t allowed to come to school until their bruises subside...and they never do. To the little boys who are cuffed over the head and called “moffie” if they cry when they’re bullied. By their teachers. To the ten year olds who get their first period and don’t come to class because there isn’t money for sanitary pads or tampons. To the eighteen year olds still in grade 9 – without support or mentoring. We are failing a generation of children. There is no eloquence or “filibustering” around this reality.


Nat agter die ore. Nat tussen die bene. Woestyn in jou mond."


Nat opens on 14 January at the Rosebank Theatre and runs until the 31 January at 8pm Wednesdays to Saturdays, before heading to the KKNK from 9-11 April. Tickets are priced at R100. For bookings please contact Liz on 072 316 6133 or email /


Press information provided by Rust Co-Operative.

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