Press: When We Were Nearly Young

January 7, 2015

Lebo­gang tells hilar­i­ous sto­ries. He sur­vived North Korean bomb threats. He’s the one to call when you need help recov­er­ing from secret jaw-shaving cos­metic surgery. He knows which celebrity endorsed (urgh, Gwyneth) detox diet causes Martha Stew­art hal­lu­ci­na­tions. And he knows what it’s like to live inside a polit­i­cal cam­paign. Bring friends and all of your emo­tions to this show.


In When We Were Nearly Young, Lebo­gang Mogashoa tells real sto­ries from his life with humour and can­dor. These are tales often shared among friends after a really good meal. They are per­sonal and leave you feel­ing less alone in the world.

This time around Lebo­gang shares hilar­i­ous and poignant sto­ries about help­ing a friend hide from her fam­ily while recov­er­ing from secret plas­tic surgery, the highs and lows of his mother’s polit­i­cal cam­paign, a care­fully planned but dis­as­trous first kiss, an unex­pected reli­gious con­ver­sion and liv­ing close next-door to North Korea for five years.

When We Were Nearly Young is mod­elled after sto­ry­telling shows like This Amer­i­can Life, The Moth and RISK!


Run­ning Time: 65 mins
Writ­ten & Per­formed by Lebo­gang Mogashoa

Showing 19 - 22 Jan

Book online at R80 pp


Press release provided by Alexander Upstairs.

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