Press: Something Outrageous is coming to the Mother City...

January 7, 2015

Actors are egotistical, pampered shits. In their world nothing is real: brick walls are made from balsar wood and gunshot wounds are created painlessly in the makeup trailer...


The only way onto this decadent merry-go-round is the casting room, a sterile white chamber where talented and untalented alike scramble for the next role. Rejection is a way of life. No wonder they're bastards, but can you blame them?

In this world of paranoid insecurity, insincerity and outright lies; two actors are waiting for an important casting to begin. Once friends, now rivals the two are forced to endure each others company for the first time in years and as their realtionship unravels they struggle to separate reality from fantasy. The result is Something Outrageous.

The show stars Wilson Carpenter (USA) in his South African stage debut alongside Brendan Murray in a play that lives up to it's title. Directed by Greg Karvellas. No under 16 due to strong language, ribald humour and onstage violence.


Go on. Be cool. Be the person who gets to ask their friends "Do you want to see something outrageous tonight?". You know you want to.


Written and performed by Wilson Carpenter & Brendan Murray

Directed by Greg Karvellas

Props/Effects: Juanita Ferreira & Jim Raubenheimer

Fight Choreography by Alex AnLos
Duration: 60mins

Dates: 7 - 10 Jan

Book online at R80 pp


Press release provide by Alxander Upstairs.

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