Scene It: Step aside Ellen, we have Lottering Speaking!

December 19, 2014

As with any Marc Lottering show, This is Captain Lottering speaking is definitely a crowd pleaser and has all the familiar elements of his undeniably genius comedy recipe in the mix. Character favourites like Aunty Merle and Smiley make an appearance and depending on who your favourite is, everyone will vary in opinion as to whether their Marc-alter-ego got enough stage time.


My personal favourite is definitely Smiley! I was all but holding my breath for Christo Davids to pop onto stage every time he spoke to Fuad… alas no such luck, but still a fun evening of comedy.


The return characters will perhaps not make you scream with laughter, as we are by now all very familiar with their punch lines and angles. What does however make this show different is the fact that Marc Lottering gets behind the piano and shows his comedy genius through music. The man really does know how to “gooi” a tune together. His sing-song explanation of fame (or the lack thereof) had me in stitches. That, along with the fact that his dance moves and casual conversational interaction with the audience gave the show an Ellen DeGeneres feel, was most welcome and refreshing. Honestly, I think I enjoyed the new material of pure Marc Lottering stand-up comedy (used as link-ups in between his characters) much more than his tried and tested accomplices that some may find a little ordinary by now.


So, if you like his character-approach, go see the show. However, if you want to see Marc sing and perform like only he can, while explaining how an “ebakkie becomes an ebola”, go too… but be willing to show a little patience, giggle through the old familiars (as you undeniably will) and then hold on to your stomach muscles as you get a glimpse of the Marc that is undeniably becoming SA’s answer to Ellen! Please more “new” Marc again soon!


If comedy is your thing and you have decided that theatre outings are part of your summer fun mix, as it should be, head on over to the Baxter and let Captain Lottering take your year-end tired spirit to some laughter inspired heights.


This is Captain Lottering speaking is showing at the Baxter Theatre until 10 January ’15, with ticket prices ranging from R85 – R120. The special New Year’s Eve showing is priced at R180 pp. Bookings via Computicket.


Scene It by Barbara Loots.

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