Scene It: Rob van Vuuren’s got your WhatWhat this festive season

December 19, 2014

The incomparable, rubber faced and bone-tickling funny comedian Rob van Vuuren has returned to the Baxter Theatre stage with his festive fare, WhatWhat.


So, what exactly is the strange term WhatWhat?  As Rob defines it: “It’s the unknowable, the unnameable, the indescribable and everything in-between”- a fitting title for a one-man show that run the humorous gamut of every topic under the sun, from the less than stellar behaviour of the Aussies to his chaotic family life and more.


The fact that I am a huge, and I mean HUGE fan of Rob’s quirky brand of comedy is no secret – check my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds and you are bound to find a photo or quote in reference to his comedic brilliance. My view of him, if it’s even possible, has skyrocketed with this new show!


In typical Rob fashion, the performer doesn’t shy away from otherwise taboo topics like anal sex, adoption, gay lingo created as a result of apartheid and the untimely death of loved ones and their effects on the living. It’s all done tongue-in-cheek, of course, but if you are sensitive to these topics, this may not be the show for you.


Director Tara Notcutt’s talented hand is felt and seen in the free flowing unfolding of Rob’s story while Gary Thomas ‘s score adds just the right musical touches.


One of my all-time favourite Rob sketches, the Taylor Swift hit “We Are Never Getting Back Together” read as a poem once again pops up in WhatWhat and makes for a quirky ending to a great show.


Keen to take a piece of the WhatWhat action home with you? There is exclusive merchandise (t-shirts and bags) on sale at the Baxter Theatre, which will make for awesome Christmas gifts (and help to fund the Buy a van Vuuren house dream!)


WhatWhat runs at the Baxter Theatre until 17 January 2015. Tickets are R 150 and are available at Computicket.


Scene It by Fazielah Williams.




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