Press Release: Ebola starring Hilda Cronje and Kai Brummer

November 25, 2014

Based on interviews with doctors who have recently treated patients in Liberia, this play looks at the research and experiences of these brave doctors who risk their lives to save others.
A new play that looks at the devastating encroachment of a virus that has escaped the forests of Africa, and now threatens to take its toll across the globe. We follow a foreign aid doctor as she journeys through the early days of the Ebola outbreak, where it was only thought to be malaria, and how it directly affects those who handle the patients.
Through her eyes we encounter the fear. The pain. The unknown. The world is now readying itself to battle another global pandemic – but with containment having seemingly failed in much of West Africa, what will happen now?
This informative bite of powerful theatre is written to help us all understand and engage with this killer virus. We understand the impact, we understand the human cost, we also understand it can be treated and contained.
Nicholas Ellenbogen and Hilda Cronje, a powerhouse team, share the worries and thoughts that are going through all of our minds, while also dealing with the facts.
Nicholas first encountered Ebola when he worked and researched with the Pygmy people of Gabon fifteen years ago – and now he brings this knowledge to the forefront.
Working with Nicholas is the exceptional performance talent of Hilda Cronje. Hilda has been in the internationally successful Miss Julie and has just returned from Singapore, the last leg of the world tour. She too is driven to tell the story of nations at war with an invisible and deadly enemy.


Press release provided by Sean Whitehead.

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