Scene It: This nutter you have to see!

November 10, 2014

Who was Hitler? A chancellor, dictator and … an actor? Well, at least his doppelganger was! It is this highly strung, very witty, slightly crazy and inevitably very brave doppelganger/actor that I met sitting down to see The Last Moustache at Baxter Theatre (my fake #Movember moustache in hand, obviously).


In this play, Tim Plewman completely becomes the “one nutted nutter” that was Hitler. He does this while also revealing in a comical, maybe even satirical, manner the turmoil of a stripped-of-his-name actor, forced to do a job that no one could be paid enough to do (well ok maybe one man)… impersonate the Führer himself.


This is the perfect play for any die-hard conspiracy theorist to go figure out the importance of chocolate cake in the death of a dictator or reconsider the depth of the passion that kept the flame between Hitler and Eva alive? I am willing to bet not even Blondie the gravy finger-licking dog knew about the true moment the couple rang that bell! Then there is the revelation of the discovery of the great potential of Nazi flies, as well the unveiling of the myth busting moment of when Hitler invaded Hell (I doubt Heaven was open), as fresh fleshy confetti...


Tim Plewman grabs your attention with what I believe could resemble the same charisma with which the Führer held audiences in the palm of his hand. I found myself clapping and cheering on demand, a crowd control trick many a performer would invade Russia for, and he didn’t even have to use mind control!


I would happily go sit in this “what-if” alternative universe play again, as it was entertaining, thought-provoking and just brilliantly executed in every way: acting, script, design, lighting, sound, all providing pure theatre bliss from all angles. I loved every minute of this theatre experience!


So grab your fake or real moustache and head on over to the Baxter Theatre before 22 November to meet the dictator who made a fashion, as well as a fascist, statement with his ‘tache, as seen through the eyes of his ultimate faker.


Scene It by Barbara Loots.

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