Scene It: Dirty Words ... naughty theatre done right

October 14, 2014


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me…


If that sentence brings a smirk to your face, while you are now humming Rihanna’s S&M song, I am willing to bet you have been to Kalk Bay Theatre to see Dirty Words by Jon Keevy more than once. If not, you are missing out, because it is much better than the Mills & Boon you snuck off to read as a young inquisitive teen.


You will be delightfully seduced by the words of Jon Keevy, whom after seeing this play I now suspect may be a not-so-secret 50 Shades reader. (Not judging Mr Keevy, just appreciating the wordsmith talent.)


Dirty Words is your naughty fantasy come to stage. You know? That one everyone has, yes even you with your “but I’ll never!” fake shocked gasp. Even you will be lured in by the suggestive gestures, words and body language of the acting duo Kim Kerfoot and Dani Rodin.


While Dani is no doubt an expert seductress in this playful piece, I am convinced after hearing Kim read the “bed time” story to the audience, that he can even make the telephone book sound naughty.


As my theatre friend Tracey said, as I on opening night excitedly exclaimed that I was a Dirty Words virgin (as I sadly missed its Alexander Bar escapades), “This is not the kind of play you bring your mother to”. And oh boy, it isn’t!  You will find yourself a giggling schoolgirl at all the (in)appropriate pregnant pauses, as you anticipate what is to come.


From the blushing to the brave, this play will leave you feeling as if someone just attempted to set the theatre on fire… Oh, did I forget to mention there is an 18 age restriction to this adventure? Naughty me!


Don’t miss out on this proper theatre seduction, while it is still legal, until 19 October 2014 at Kalk Bay Theatre.


Scene It by Barbara Loots.

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