Press Release: Constellations

October 2, 2014

One relationship. Infinite possibilities. Quantum multiverse theory, love and honey. An explosive new play by Nick Paine about free will and friendship. Pieter Toerien presents CONSTELLATIONS, directed by Alan Swerdlow, starring Janna Ramos-Violante as Marianne and Ashley Dowd as Roland.


CONSTELLATIONS premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London in early 2012, and went on to win the BEST PLAY category at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards that year. Then followed a highly successful West End transfer to the Duke of York’s Theatre. It has just been announced that Jake Gyllenhaal will be making his Broadway debut in 2015 starring in CONSTELLATIONS. South African theatre stars Ashley Dowds and Janna Ramos-Violante together with award-winning Director Alan Swerdlow will bring the play to life on our local stages, with the Johannesburg run (8 August to 28 September) followed by a season at The Theatre on the Bay in Cape Town (30 September to 18 October).


Marianne and Roland meet at a barbeque. She processes data on quantum multiverse theory at a university.  He’s a beekeeper.  She makes a crap joke. He looks at her strangely. They never see each other again. The end. Except that there's a flash of light and we see another barbecue in another universe, where things turned out slightly differently. And another and another and another, until we see a Marianne and Roland who click, and the play follows them, repeating the same trick at pivotal points in their relationship.


‘Let’s go for a drink. I don’t know what I’m doing here anyway. One drink.
And if you never want to see me again you never have to see me again.’


Moment by moment, can everything you've ever and never done exist in the same vortex of reality? Elegant and playful yet profoundly moving, CONSTELLATIONS blends the everyday and the ethereal, the actual and the imaginable, revealing that every outcome may only be the first link in a chain of cosmic consequences.


“Its intellectual and emotional dynamism sweeps you up and carries you along like a surfing wave. Seldom has a play felt so exhilarating.”

The Mail on Sunday


“An extraordinary 65 minutes.  A wonderful achievement.”

The Independent


“Nick Payne's gloriously improbable play succeeds entirely and is extremely funny.  If any of the new mega musicals coming to the West End in the next few months can elicit a fraction of the laughs and tears of 'Constellations', they will run and run and run.”

Time Out


“An excellent, gripping production. This is charismatic theatre which makes quantum physics sexy.”

LDN Times


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