Press Release: The Kingmakers at Alexander Upstairs

August 7, 2014

Award winning playwright Louis Viljoen to present his new play The Kingmakers at The Alexander Upstairs theatre 


Louis Viljoen’s ruthless new play The Kingmakers is to be staged at the Alexander Upstairs theatre. The dark political comedy will make its debut in Cape Town's best space for independent theatre, The Alexander Upstairs, and will run 25th August to 13th September, 2014.


The Kingmakers follows a group of opposition-party strategists as they attempt to place a neutral party member in contention for leadership. After an internal power struggle leaves them out in the cold and on the fringes of the party, they come up with a plan to shape a seemingly ambition-less, but well-respected politician into a leader. With the help of a rising corporation seeking political clout and possible government contracts, the stage is set for a merciless power grab and perhaps a chance at revenge.


The Kingmakers stars 2013 Fleur du Cap theatre Award winner Brendon Daniels (Rooiland), Pierre Malherbe (Sexual Perversity in Chicago) and Rebecca Makin-Taylor (Last Rounds).


This pitch-black comedy is written and directed by Louis Viljoen, the award winning writer of the critically acclaimed plays Champ and The Frontiersmen.


The Kingmakers is set in the familiar world of skullduggery, backstabbing, one-upmanship, disloyalty, blackmail and profiteering, otherwise known as South African politics. Our three heroes spend their days making sure the system works for no one except the lucky few or the ones who can afford to do as they please. But after years of working in the dark and the cold, financially speaking, they conspire to get something for themselves, whether it be gold or power. Preferably both.


Never mind the body count.


Show information:

Dark comedy
Written and Directed by Louis Viljoen | Designed by Greg Karvellas | Performed by Pierre Malherbe, Brendon Daniels & Rebecca Makin-Taylor
60mins duration

Tickets are R100 / R90 for prepaid


Show schedule:

Mon 25th Aug 7pm

Tue 26th Aug 7pm

Tue 2nd Sep 7pm

Wed 3rd Sep 7pm

Thu 4th Sep 7pm

Thu 4th Sep 7pm

Fri 5th Sep 7pm

Sat 6th Sep 7pm

Mon 8th Sep 7pm

Tue 9th Sep 7pm

Wed 10th Sep 7pm

Thu 11th Sep 7pm

Fri 12th Sep 7pm

Sat 13th Sep 7pm


Press information provided by Allison Foat and Alexander Upstairs

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