Spotlight: The Fabulous Diva Returns

June 4, 2014

Having the opportunity to sit down for a coffee chat with former Madame Zingara Ring-mistress, Irit Noble, is nothing short of magical. You walk away feeling like a super woman, knowing you can take on the world with the same spunk and spontaneity she does, because it is more than ok to be uniquely fabulous!


And uniquely fabulous is what her new cabaret, the Irit Noble Show at the Galloway Theatre, promises to be. After parting with the stage for a few years, to take the corporate circuit by storm, one may wonder what to expect of our cabaret diva's theatre return?


The show may have a very cabaret feel when she kicks off with two killer songs, but from there till the curtain call Irit excitedly explains that it takes on a life of its own, to the extent that the "audience actually writes the show".


Even though no audience will derail this diva, she does admit with a daring twinkle in her eye, "I am unafraid of any audience, but that doesn't mean I'm always fearless". It is this type of honest bravado that you will get in her show, where Irit expresses herself in her characteristic (what she calls ditsy) high-energy style.


In an edgy, yet elegant, way she will use her creative platform to touch on the subjects of religion, sexuality, relationships, motherhood and just "the stuff I have an opinion about" she proclaims, as she high-fives me for working in the Cheshire Cat quote "we are all mad here" into our conversation.


In true magical ring-mistress style, Irit promises to magnetise her audience and perform with her entire being, while revealing a personal secret about that aspect of herself she regards as her both super power and disability ... a powerful truth you have to hear from her musical lips first.


Which is why you need to get yourself to the Galloway Theatre between 14 and 21 June for the Irit Noble Show, to see her rebranded creative self come alive in a fresh way that draws enigmatic energy from every bit of her life, from the first cabaret song she sang as her 21 year old self, to the uncomplicated beautiful “I’m yours” performing artists she is today.



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