Press Release: The Belgian is back at Alexander Upstairs

May 27, 2014

This is not a show about France. The Bel­gian is a hilar­i­ous trip into the mind of a most mis­un­der­stood species: Bel­gians!


Behind the façade of their clean lit­tle houses with their neat lit­tle front gar­den patrolled by smirk­ing gar­den gnomes… some­thing obscurely wicked is lurk­ing… and some waf­fles.


The Bel­gian aka Gaë­tan Schmid (Body Lan­guage, Rump­steak, The Dog’s Bol­locks) will regale you with extrav­a­gant sto­ries about every­thing and noth­ing. From his child­hood amongst the cows in Bel­gium to under­stand­ing braai eti­quette in present day South Africa. Some­times you might won­der where real­ity has been a lit­tle bit stretched – but who cares? You will be enter­tained with such panache and jubi­la­tion, that you won’t be able to resist a smile, chuckle and laugh.


“Sharp, funny and immensely enter­tain­ing. If you didn’t get tick­ets for Rus­sell Brand, don’t worry, The Bel­gian will have you in stitches instead.” (Tracey Kim Saun­ders)

 “Falling some­where between a stand-up com­edy show, an inte­rior mono­logue, a Monty Python sketch and a lost Char­lie Chap­lin film, The Bel­gian is an unfil­tered gaze into the mind of its pecu­liar per­former, Gaë­tan Schmid.” (Cape Times)

 “… hilar­i­ous …” (Cue)

“… anar­chis­tic …” (False Bay Echo)


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