Press Release: Rose Red at Alexander Upstairs Theatre

March 6, 2014

Rose Red is the well-known fairy tale of Snow White turned on its head, as told through the eyes of the Evil Queen. Aimed at adults, this musical production is a wickedly fun, original and moving take on her story.


It is cleverly woven together with light-hearted comedy and popular songs from Tori Amos, Annie Lennox and Brandi Carlile to Lady Gaga. This highly acclaimed performance by Dianne Simpson has been hailed as "a first-class performance…with perfect timing and often very funny asides…an hour of finely honed entertainment that touches the heart”.


The show is directed and produced by Pieter Bosch Botha, who was most recently seen in the critically acclaimed "Fully Committed" and Nicholas Spagnoletti's "Civil Parting". Musical direction is by the inimitable and multi-talented composer and musician, Dawid Boverhoff.


What the critics have said about Rose Red:


“Simpson is magnificent, giving a flawless performance as the queen…” – Lesley Stones, The Daily Maverick


* * * * “the combined talent of the three people involved adds powerful punch to this shining gem…sharp and witty…it’s the kind of show that has you smiling throughout.” – Diane de Beer, The Star Tonight


“fascinating…fresh and entertaining.” – Christina Kennedy, Business Day


“a layered, thought-provoking, witty and ultimately (and unexpectedly) moving examination of a well- known and much-maligned literary character…cleverly constructed stuff that never settles for the obvious, playing for laughs outlet (although there are many very funny moments).” – Bruce Dennill, The Citizen


"a touch of mad brilliance" -


"a treat....Simpson's Queen has got more edge.....a lot of fun....a deliciously dark romp" - Cape Times


"Rose Red packs as much laughter in the punchlines as you’d probably find in a production for kids. Light and darkness as a metaphor for life is used quite brilliantly. …really funny… Powerful." - Cape Argus


"Dianne Simpson was captivating….faultless" - City Press


Created by Dianne Simpson & Pieter Bosch Botha

Directed by Pieter Bosch Botha

Written and Performed by Dianne Simpson

Musical Direction by Dawid Boverhoff

Duration: 60mins


Press release provided by Alexander Upstairs Theatre

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