Press Release: Going Gooding going to Kalk Bay

February 13, 2014

Going Gooding, a play on Radio, is packed with laughs, sprinkled with nostalgia and leavened with the wisdom that comes with age and experience.

If you … looked forward to ‘Squad Cars, knew what the next best thing to a Lexington was, thought BJ was a cool name for a Prime Minister, skeemed Scope was good literature… then you’ll definitely smaak Going Gooding!

Fresh from a season at Foxwood Theatre, Johannesburg Going Gooding is now moving to the Kalk Bay Theatre in Cape Town from February 26 to March 2.

Malcolm Gooding, the man with the golden voice and polished poise, brings to the stage an autobiographical account of his 40-year broadcast career. He takes audiences back to the ‘old radio days’ of South Africa, Squad Cars and cigarette advertisements and the 1995 Rugby World Cup victory; he uses his incredible gift for mimicry to play two dozen characters and captures the essence of a bygone era of South African broadcasting.

Gooding started off in broadcasting when he joined the SABC English Service in 1967. Within a year he had his own show - a contemporary music show, ‘Going Gooding’. The title of the play is taken from this show which coincided with the Youth revolution, a revolution that was expressed so often (and so lyrically) in the music of the day. The show ran from 1968 to 1974 and boasted one of the highest listenerships in the station’s history. From 1968 to 1984 Gooding was the narrator to Squad Cars, that iconic Springbok Radio serial about police cars that “prowl the empty streets at night “. His career overlapped with the careers of Charles Fortune, Colin du Plessis, Pat Kerr and Tony Faulkner and he uses his immense vocal skills and a range of accents to do impressions of these personalities and dozens of others, as he delivers one hilarious punch-line after another.

Going Gooding is co-written by Malcolm Gooding, Tim Sandham and Angus Douglas and co-produced and co-directed by Sandham and Douglas.

“This is a rich and beautifully crafted piece of theatre. Malcolm Gooding, well-known to all South Africans as arguably the finest voice artist the country has produced has crafted, with his team of writers, an hour-long show that weaves a colourful, hilarious and rich tapestry of those great days of South African radio and the characters that were so much part of our lives in those days.” Saxon de Kock / Citizen - 30/01/14

“I expected to enjoy Going Gooding. What I did not expect was how MUCH I was going to enjoy it... I also heard names, products and music which sent my nostalgia scores rocketing. No time travel needed. All this is packaged in an entertaining one hour theatre production. What a blast from the past! “ Moira de Swardt / 25/01/14

“It’s funny and wonderfully reflective, yet it is grounded in the present, which takes it beyond the boundaries of mere nostalgia”. Jana Cilliers / Actress

“’n Pittige dog roerende teks...ek was met tye skoon bewoeë.” (A witty, yet moving times I teared up). Annelize van der Ryst-Hattingh / Actress

Going Gooding will be performed Wednesday to Sunday from 26 February to 2 March. The show starts at 8pm - doors are open from 6.30pm and seating is unreserved. Tickets are R100 – book online at

Guests can enjoy a delicious eat-as-much-as-you-like feast of Mediterranean-inspired fare for only R95 (excludes show ticket, dessert, coffee and drinks). To book a table for dinner call 079 361 8275.

About the Kalk Bay Theatre

With an incredible view of Cape Town’s seafront, on the quirky and bohemian main road of Kalk Bay stands our unique and intimate theatre. Built lovingly by hand inside the heritage protected old Dutch Reformed Church, the theatre marries both an eclectic and historic atmosphere giving you a truly special and exclusively Cape Townian experience. The theatre has 78 beech wood seats in the audience, set in a three quarter round, of which eleven are cosy love seats for two. The seating for shows is generally unreserved allowing you to select your preferred seats on arrival prior to your meal. The stage is set on the floor mere centimetres from the front row providing the most intimate of theatrical experiences and the backdrop of the performance area boasts the original stone walls of the old church building. The restaurant upstairs is lively and inviting, serving mouth-watering meals to pre-show diners, and varying decadent desserts afterwards. The dinners are Mediterranean inspired and feature local produce but always keeping our veggie lovers in mind and the fully stocked bar ensures a night of quality wine, beer, spirits and a few signature cocktails for good measure. Parking is available opposite the Holy Trinity Church (about 75 meters before the theatre). There is also ample parking along the Main Road and in the side streets. All parking is monitored by security guards. To contact The Kalk Bay Theatre please call - 079 361 8275.


Press release provided by Di Sparks.

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