Press Release: Cut No Eyes at the Westridge Civic

January 18, 2014

Fresh local production 'Cut No Eyes' written, produced and directed by Shakir Hansen explores issues facing single-parent families. Set in a suburb of the Cape Flats, Cut No Eyes takes you on a comical journey as it navigates the audience through a difficult topic, growing up without a father.

In his new comedy stage production, Cut No Eyes, Shakir Hansen explores the topic of fatherhood from the perspective of the child living in a single-parent home. He tells an all-too-common tale of a young man coping with life without a father, dealing with an abusive step-dad and alcoholic mother, as he ultimately turns to a life of crime.

Following his success in the Overberg, 23 year old Hansen set his sights on bigger productions to encourage dialogue and healing through socially relevant topics.

Combining his love for storytelling-through-comedy with his own experiences of growing up without a father, Hansen effectively addresses - through humour - a number of serious social issues facing many South African youngsters every day.

“Cut No Eyes is a light-hearted take on a serious issue affecting over 9million children in South Africa today. Single-parent households are a common occurrence in SA and remains a growing phenomenon,” says Hansen.

“With Cut No Eyes, I hope to positively influence South African youngsters. I want young people in SA to know that they are not alone by telling a lighter, optimistic story.”

The play delves into a number of social issues such as the effects of divorce on children, reasons why kids leave home and end up on the street, youth drug and alcohol abuse – all of which currently mar the South African landscape.

No stranger to the stage, Hansen has already produced a number of sold-out shows in the Overberg, establishing him as a unique entertainer who eloquently deals with real-life issues through comedy.

‘Cut No Eyes’, will preview on 28 February at Westridge Civic in Mitchell’s Plain, with an additional two performances scheduled for 28 and 29 March (venue still to be confirmed).


Press release provided by Shakir Hansen.

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