Press Release: The Things You Left Behind at Alexander Upstairs (7 - 18 Jan)

January 6, 2014

The Things You Left Behind isn’t a love story. It’s the story around a love story. In a series of five charming, moving and intensely human monologues shared by two actors, it takes on the unexpected, the unexplored perspectives on a person's life.


From the perspective of Delores, the drag queen from Delft, to Erwin, the only white car guard in the city, the characters are drawn simultaneously closer to the love story and a car accident that connects them. Also caught up in the unfolding events are a would-be philosopher paramedic, an ex-lover about to get married and a mother hooked on therapy. The audience never see the boy who died, only the traces in the lives of the people he left behind.


Jason Potgieter's script reveals the subtle, profound links between complete strangers, the hundreds of coincidences and connections that happen each day in Cape Town without us realising it. Touching lightly on socio-political themes with personal insight, The Things You Left Behind explores sexual orientation and loss in a complicated city in a complicated time."What one takes with one is an awareness that the connectivity between humans is as complex as it is ordinary... The script is original and a timely and poignant reminder that if we listen carefully enough, everyone has something important to say." - Tracey Saunders, Cape Times



Tickets can be booked online at - pay in advance either online or at the bar to get the special price of R80, otherwise all tickets are R90.


All the proceeds from the first performance on the 7th of January will be donated to the Triangle Project in memory of Peter Hayes.


Presented by the Instant Arts Collective | Written by Jason Potgieter | Directed by Kim Kerfoot | Featuring Alicia McCormick & Jason Potgieter

Duration: 55mins.

Don’t miss this Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award winning production back by popular demand.


Media release provided by Alexander Upstairs Theatre.

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