Press Release: To Kill a Koeksister at KBT (8 Jan - 25 Jan)

December 30, 2013

The Murder Mystery Where You Become The Show! Andrew Simpson’s interactive murder mystery comedy, To Kill a Koeksister, will be captivating audiences at Kalk Bay Theatre Wednesday to Saturdays from 8 to 25 January 2014 at 8pm.


We’ve all seen murder mysteries on TV and we’ve all had our hunches as to who the killer might be, but what if you weren’t just watching the show, but a part of it? What if the murderer could be the person sitting next to you? What if the next victim could be you?


 With the phenomenal success of crime capers like the “CSI” series, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Midsomer Murders” and the Crime and Investigation Channel on DSTV, it seems as if human beings are fascinated by whodunit’s! We love piecing the clues together and deciding who we think the prime suspect could be. So the time has come to take one step closer to the action in this fresh, fun and innovative show To Kill a Koeksister.


At the beginning of the show a murder has taken place. A detective arrives to take clues. The entire audience are suspects. Anyone could be the next victim. Anyone could be the murderer. Including YOU! And unlike any other murder mystery in history, the show changes every night. The audience is in complete control of what happens. They decide who dies, who lives and who the murderer could be. So each performance is fun, fresh, exciting and unpredictable!


 The show stars popular comedian Andrew Simpson in his 13th production as the detective and an assortment of fun and interesting characters who help the audience to piece the puzzle together.

Simpson is a producer, writer, director and actor of South African film and theatre. He achieved huge success in Grahamstown at the National Arts Festival this year with his hit shows “Ghost Story” and “Angels and Aliens”. His previous shows include “The Time of Your Life” at the State Theatre, “Children of Sophiatown” (wrote and directed) in SA and the UK and which was performed for Former President Nelson Mandela. His biggest success to date was the release of his hit independent film, “Why are We Here” last year.


So, whodunit? Get out your magnifying glasses, crack the mystery and follow the clues to a night of sheer fun in this edge of your seat must-see that will keep you guessing non-stop with its masterful twists and turns!  This show is the perfect night out for friends and family.


To Kill a Koeksister, will be performed Wednesday to Saturdays from 8 to 25 January 2014 at 8pm. Guests can enjoy a delicious eat as much as you like feast of Mediterranean-inspired fare for only R95 (excludes show ticket, dessert, coffee and drinks). Tickets for show only cost R75 and R65 for Gallery seats.



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Press Release provided by Christine Skinner.

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