Kalk Bay Theatre

Bravo to cast and crew on the brilliant execution of a beautifully scripted piece of indie theatre, artistically brought to life with majestic movement and minimalistic impact-punching set design. This story about a doctor trying to help an apparently schizophrenic patient (haunted by the memory of her brother) come to terms with her past, will resonate differently with every person who sees it.

"...strong element of physical performance, which brings Emma Kotze and Shaun Smith together in athletic and evocative dance as a motif of the work..."

Beverley Brommert (IOL)


"It is a haunting journey and one lives in the mind and the heart for some time after the lights fade to black on the final images of the play."

David Fick (BWW)



Greatest Love of All

Artscape Theatre

While some may say that the encore "I Will Always Love You" is the production’s best number, the showstopper is definitely "I Have Nothing", a song that not only serves to underline to the similarities between the two singers but shows that Davids has the ability to match Houston note for note, and even at times, surpass her. 

"South Africa’s very own Belinda Davids sounds remarkably like Whitney Houston. If I had shut my eyes, I’d have been convinced that I was listening to the legend herself."

Lauren Vogt (Artslink)


"From the hair, the clothes, to the nuances and gestures, Whitney was back."

(Rave Review)




Theatre On The Bay

Debates will definitely be had, favourite jokes compared and the popcorn attacks thoroughly enjoyed (read point and laugh) when you are not sitting in the middle of the front row (hint!). Our group unanimously decided that Graham Hopkins (as John Cleese) was absolutely brilliant and we may never get the funny but very disturbing image of Robert Fridjhon in a dress out of our minds.

"Hopkins (John Cleese), and Savadier (Graham Chapman) are outstanding without detracting from the performance of their co-actors. This is team work at its most impressive..."

Beverly Brommert (IOL)


"Giggles and belly laughs are set to echo through the streets of Camps Bay for the next two weeks, as Python fans young and old indulged their love of surreal comedy."

Marilu Snyders (What's on in Cape Town)


Galloway Theatre

So, it’s been a Blue Monday and you need a pick-me-up … steer clear of the chocolate and tequila binge, and head out to Improguise: Players of TheatreSports’s improv show at the Galloway Theatre instead for a guaranteed night of fun!

"While the crazy, zany method may look haphazard the actors undergo vigorous training... Watching improv provides a similar rush to bungee jumping without the risk or associated cost... So if loadshedding is getting you down, I can assure you that an evening spent in the company of these insanely talented individuals is the perfect antidote."

Tracey Saunders (IOL)




Fugard Theatre

As is appropriate, sadness is the undercurrent of the political satire that is the Berlin story through the eyes of a cabaret performer, even if she herself refused to see it like so many others. It is definitely a show that every musical fan should see. It leaves your skin crawling at appropriate moments, while tugging on your heart strings at other times.

"Almost every inch of humour has been wrung from the piece and the depravity of the Kit Kat Klub is so hyped up at the start of the show that the production struggles to find its stride and develop thematically."

David Fick (BWW)


"Sommige stukke verloor net nooit hul relevansie nie, en een hiervan is die musiekblyspel Cabaret wat nou in die Fugardteater in Kaapstad te sien is."

Jeanne Calitz (Die Burger)

The Last Moustache

Baxter Theatre

I would happily go sit in this “what-if” alternative universe play again, as it was entertaining, thought-provoking and just brilliantly executed in every way: acting, script, design, lighting, sound, all providing pure theatre bliss from all angles. I loved every minute of this theatre experience!

"Acclaimed actor Tim Plewman (of Defending the Caveman fame) is riveting in this one-man satire, and his every word, action and gesture will have you glued from get-go."

(The Inside Guide)


"The play’s proximity to the truth lends it weight whilst serving to highlight the absurdity of the Nazi era ... a great piece of theatre. It’s fresh, creative and slickly executed, wildly funny with a hint of something curiously morbid."

Rory Appleton (What's on in Cape Town)


Stealing the Show: Bette Midler

Kalk Bay Theatre

When a performer leaves the Theatre Scene team and our moms in tears (the first of many Mother Daughter Theatre Nights Out, we hope), you know the show has to be good. But good is far too mundane a word for Lucy Top’s Stealing The Show: Bette Midler, a non-traditional tribute to the Divine Miss M, now running at the Kalk Bay Theatre until Sunday 16 November, 2014.

"Such a soothing voice… from the moment Lucy Tops steps onto the stage, she steps right into your heart...

Displaying a maturity beyond her years Tops does justice to the Hollywood diva and has a stage presence that fills the room even before she demonstrates her smooth yet powerful voice."

Robyn Carstens (What's on in Cape Town)



Silent Voice

Baxter Theatre

Personally I found Silent Voice an hour of violence that endorses stereotypes and does nothing to encourage an inclusive rather than exclusive societal perspective when dealing with people that come from different backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances than your own.

"SILENT VOICE reminds us that violence goes far beyond guns and murder and rape; it has its origins in starvation, harassment and neglect...

Approaching SILENT VOICE may require caution. That said, it represents something that should still be approached."

David Fick (BWW)

Jeeves & Wooster

Theatre on the Bay

This play adaptation of the works of P G Wodehouse by the Goodale Brothers, directed by Steven Stead and designed by Greg King, is fun from beginning to end. You will leave the theatre knowing exactly why this play is the winner of the 2014 Olivier Award for Best Comedy.

"All these ridiculous characters and convoluted sub plots make for an exhilarating ride through this tipsy daydream of a golden age of English countryside and aristocratic antics. All the audience can do is relax, enjoy and catch the policeman’s helmet."

Samantha Orange (What's on in Cape Town)


"Graham Hopkins steps smartly into the polished shoes of the ultimate gentleman’s gentleman..."

Terri Dunbar-Curran  (Cape Times)


Dirty Words

Kalk Bay Theatre

Dirty Words is your naughty fantasy come to stage. You know? That one everyone has, yes even you with your “but I’ll never!” fake shocked gasp. Even you will be lured in by the suggestive gestures, words and body language of the acting duo Kim Kerfoot and Dani Rodin.

"...the kind of show that will, at some point, have you grinning from ear to ear as the punchlines land and you recognise, in the onstage antics, a bit of yourself and your own insecurities about life behind closed doors. And hopefully, DIRTY WORDS will turn out to be the kind of show that functions as a gateway drug for the theatre rather than being the keeper of the keys"

David Fick (BWW)


The Garage Sale

Artscape Theatre

Lulled into a false sense of comfort, while you witness what you at first perceive to just be normal sibling rivalry between Avril (Kim Cloete) and Mike Williams (Stefan Erasmus), you are confronted with a very subtle question: What holds more power, hope or confidence?

"Flip is brilliantly played by Carel Nel. Nel first establishes Flip as an abhorrent man-child, before stripping away layers of the character's showboating..."

David Fick (BWW)


"A production relying heavily on multilayered performances by its cast, Notcutt here again proves herself an intuitive theatremaker with a gift for staging personality-driven pieces."

Steyn du Toit (IOL)


Thearte on the Bay

With Constellations, you get more than the play blurb promises. Described as “One relationship. Infinite possibilities. Quantum multiverse theory, love and honey”, it actually feels like something Shakespeare may have penned if he was a modern day playwright.

"...a brave step into exposing the influence of Chance and the permutations of emotional reality to highlight both the potential pitfalls as well the ultimate triumph of love."

Jaroslav Kalac (What's On in Cape Town)


"...Violante (Venus in Fur, Don’t Dress For Dinner) and Dowds (Japes, The Mousetrap) manage to make the viewer care deeply for Marianne and Roland..."

Steyn du Toit  (IOL)


Old Kit Bag

Rosebank Theatre

As a Glee-loving kid of the 80s, I can with great delight describe Old Kit Bay, currently showing at the quaint Rosebank Theatre, as Mash The Musical!. The concept of the play is simple, delightful and inviting.

"...a heady rush of nostalgia and bitter-sweet memories for one generation and an insightful evening for another..."

Tracey Saunders (Cape Times)


"...a small show with a big heart, paying tribute to the power that music has to bring people together in times of trouble."

David Fick (BWW)

The Vertical Hour

Theatre on the Bay

This play, penned by David Hare, addresses the ever relevant issue of relationships between people with opposing views, and how life is an ongoing attempt to find compromises in the absence of consensus, as unfortunately we cannot all get what we want.

"A serious dialogue, with the occasional humorous titbit, keeps the audience on its toes..."

Rory Appleton (Artslink)


" engaging and challenging play."

David Fick (Broadwayworld)


"Their exchange is warm, amusing, and relevant to the themes of The Vertical Hour."

Beverly Brommert (IOL)


... miskien

Baxter Theatre

There is no doubt that once Albert Pretorius and Gideon Lombard takes the stage they will grab your attention without any hint of an arrogant look-at-me aura. They are just so comfortable on stage and in their rhythm with each other, that it is rather a case of them hypnotizing you.

"...miskien really is something special."

Rory Appleton (Artslink)


"...when emotion of the rawest and neediest variety enters the equation, the temperature rises appreciably."

Beverley Brommert (IOL)


"...relevant, aangrypend en oor­tuigend."

Mariana Malan (Die Burger)

Big Boys II

Kalk Bay Theatre

These boys will have you squealing in your seat with laughter, as they dance their way to London and back, interpreting Brad’s theory that “men are from mars and women are from hell”. This they do while following a code in THE book that only Brad understands … all in an attempt to get Ash to the altar on time ... maybe.

"It is clear the two Searle boys are not just comedians, they are also talented hip-hop dancers who pull off mean moves and fancy footwork..."

Gillian McAinsh (HeraldLIVE)


"Expect aching tummy muscles from all the laughing, expect to see some of the most amazing use of computer graphics and lighting displays..."

Latoya Newman (IOL)

Rocky Horror Show

Fugard Theatre

So, our favourite transvestite is back in town and he is making The Fugard Theatre his home again until 2 November 2014! If that news doesn’t make you jump to the left, we don’t know what will. We admit that we have seen this version of The Rocky Horror Show 4 times already. And yes, we will be seeing it again!

"...whip out your fishnet stockings and red lipstick – you too, boys – and get ready for a night of song, silliness and sexiness with the brilliant cast..."

Marilu Snyders (What's On In Cape Town)


"All the Rocky Horror musical numbers that we all love do not disappoint."

Jonathan Duguid (EWN)

Rockville 2069

Artscape Theatre

Although it won't disappoint, other elements seemed a bit awkward. You do expect a musical, about the power of music, to feature actors that are able to play musical instruments. And although we love a good battle of the bands, we feel that the story could be condensed a little bit more.

"There is ambition and talent and a cracking good idea here. But it lets itself down on something that is essential for any successful musical: the songs."

Samantha Orange (What's On In Cape Town)


"...while all the players performed with passion, there were ongoing technical issues throughout this premiere that I feel took away from the performers and their ability to really bring home this amazing production."

Sue-Anne Maree (The Event)

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