SA Theatre Quotes

"What does theatre as a lifestyle mean? Endless free dinners, limos, five star hotels, non-stop adoration and a big bill at the end of the month!"

- Mark Banks

"Every play brings you closer to your vision and the underlying themes that we don't recognise in life. I want to put uncomfortable situations on stage. I like staging the betweens in relations."

- Dara Beth

"My job is to create laughs and if the show changes your life then that's a by-product of it."

- Alan Committie

“I've gone through stages of denial and acceptance ... I became a lot more disciplined as an artist and performer. I am a lot more comfortable in my style. I don't feel I need to fit in anymore.”

- Belinda Davids

"I love acting, but I find myself more as a director, it's a happy place to see something come to life."

- Christo Davids

"If it's not going to challenge you as a director or not going to challenge the actor, why are you doing it?"

- Christo Davids

"Love is the only energy I've ever used as a writer. I've never written out of anger, although anger has informed love."

- Athol Fugard

"Without the live, ephemeral, ever-changing experience of theatre, we become dull to the possibility that anything can and does happen in the universe."

- Megan Furniss

“I’m enjoying playing with the nuances and gestures involved in modern choreographic vocabulary, to add layers, and definition to character developments and the narrative itself.”

- Marc Goldberg

“The training, approach, and technical prowess have evolved massively in ballet. Dancers today are doing things on stage that a previous generation could never have even conceived.”

- Marc Goldberg

"People hugely underestimate the skill involved in Musical Theatre! It's like going to the gym: muscle memory, vocal gymnastics, and physical stamina."

- Niall Griffin

"Designing for theatre in South Africa is like juggling porcelain plates in a hurricane while painting the Mona Lisa on a grain of rice."

- Niall Griffin

"What we've realised is that people, for our theatre specifically, want comedy, they want music, they want fun, they want escapism, they want razzle-dazzle."

- Vanessa Harris

"If you want to see some of the most talented performers in the country, watch theatre! Also, try go on opening nights, there's free wine!"

- Anne Hirsch

"My skill is to make people relax and walk them through the experience."

- Alistair Izobell

"If I am not nervous there is a problem because I must want to exceed the expectations of my audience."

- Alistair Izobell

"The role of the artist is to hold a mirror to society."

- John Kani

"You can't always plan things. The universe just has a way of making things happen."

- Lynelle Kenned

"Every other Wednesday I'm ready to give it all up, but then you realise how much fun thearte is. I don't like to take theatre seriously, that's why it's called a play."

- Greg Karvellas

"I didn’t want the audience to sit and watch a play; I wanted them to almost feel on a cellular level, and —through sound, lighting, and set— to be pulled into the room."

- Greg Karvellas

"Writing a character is like meeting someone for the first time: your first impressions can be completely wrong. Fortunately with writing you can go back and remove the sarcastic observations you made about their shoes."

- Jon Keevy

"I am a storyteller who uses words and music to speak to an audience. Sometimes I write songs, sometimes I sing them and tell stories. Creating and directing musicals encompasses all of what I do."

- David Kramer

"Do we take the stage as some holy kind of place where human stories have to be told? Maybe not everybody does but Barney believed in that. He believed that the stage is a temple."

- John Ledwaba

"The spoken word is sound already —so when I do highlight something through sound design, I need to make very sure why I’m highlighting a specific moment."

- Charl-Johan Lingenfelder

"I find the role of the individual becoming so much more important in our society, because our society is becoming more and more about adhering to rules —unspoken social media rules. Right now, it’s all about trying to fit in. People are so desperate to want to fit in, so to be a true voice, a unique voice, and stick to your guns, is so hard."

- Charl-Johan Lingenfelder

"You get to create or live an entire life in one hour on stage. We do on stage what people in everyday life are to scared to do."

- Gideon Lombard

"The benefit of comedy is that it exposes and delves into serious issues, but does not necessarily impose a serious tone. The contradiction is what makes the message even clearer."

- Thando Mangcu

"The moment you put on a mask you are no longer looking at the person next to you as someone you need to compare your thoughts with. You become neutral."

- Nicola Mayer

“The topsy-turvy world of show biz is really just a mirror on a world in which fact is often stranger than fiction. When all else fails, theatre will and must prevail, if we are to keep our sanity. Didn't Nietzsche say, 'We have art in order not to die of the truth.’?"

- Kate Normington

"I think that watching two people on stage have a conversation, or fight, or kiss, is magical, because you're right there to see it. There's not the sense of disconnection you have when watching TV or a movie."

- Tara Notcutt

"There is just something wonderfully evil about watching a woman play a man who truly embraces and believes his own misogyny and chauvinism to the point that he doesn’t feel like he needs to explain it, make any excuse for it, and is extremely at home with it.”

- Tara Notcutt

"Theatre is a sacred space where we can explore and share our feelings and values. Through the exchange between a performer and members of her audience as individual, much understanding and resonance occurs. Without having to take risks themselves, audiences find meaning and, ideally, can make more informed choices in life.”

- Aviva Pelham

"Humour is a good way of bringing people together. There is something transformative about people laughing for that amount of time."

- Nik Rabinowitz

"As designers, we are con artists, because we are asking you to believe what isn’t."

- Saul Radomsky

"It’s not just about putting something on the stage; what you put on the stage must be comfortable ... No movement or decision is a chance thing that simply comes and goes by accident; it’s been so directed on cue in terms of the dialogue."

- Saul Radomsky

"Our audiences are open-minded, which is exciting, because you can create a niche for yourself. Think of Pieter-Dirk Uys, he never sat down to wait for the agent to call."

- Jonathan Roxmouth

"The true stuff inspires the story and then the fictional stuff takes over completely. So the person who knows, will watch it and know, but nobody else will – it’s like a tightly interwoven quilt of fiction and truth."

- Nico Scheepers

“Someone once told me the true comedians, the real legends, will make accomplices of that audience within the first minute. They make accomplices of all of them. And that is what you want it to be like as the guy on the stage.”

- Kurt Schoonraad

"Good theatre is not just an event, it's an experience that should make you laugh, cry, dance, think or possibly all the above. The nature of live storytelling on stage is an unparalleled experience where actors, designers and a creative team share their hearts an souls to give us an incredible evening out."

- Christine Skinner

"With the sweet comes the sour. The sweet part of the job is you see the world. The sour part is you don't really get to spend much time with family or your loved ones. But I would not trade it for anything in the world."

- Schoeman Smit

"Choose local! Choose active engagement and communal experiences with dialogue instead of atrophying with wine box, televisions and facebook."

- Nicholas Spagnoletti

"Maybe the barrier to the inspiration is ego."

- Pieter-Dirk Uys

"Be the conduit for inspiration and deliver - don't become the product."

- Pieter-Dirk Uys

"You need something to latch onto, you need something universal audiences can relate to. And I'll tell you one thing that does work is sincerity. It can't be bought and it can't be taught."

- Brendan van Rhyn

"When we behave in less generous ways it is always informed by some sense or form of insecurity."

- Daneel van der Walt

"Plays are often attended by people who insist on not being entertained."

- Louis Viljoen

"If there is one custom that I keep running into, then it's that of the theatre-maker as a pure, sensitive artist who has the right to exercise moral superiority over his or her audience. That's what makes bad theatre."

- Louis Viljoen

"Make the story work. No one cares about how you feel as a theatre-maker. The audience should not be expected to pay to watch your therapy sessions."

- Louis Viljoen

"Music is a fundamental part of our human experience. Every language has its own music. Rhythm is as elemental as the sun. And that is why people go to the theatre to experience that elemental magic live.”

- Ian Von Memerty

"3D entertainment is nothing new actually, it's always been there - it's called theatre."

- Quintin Wils

"Theatre means disconnecting from the everyday world so that you can reconnect to it even more."

- Eugene Yiga

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