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PRESS: Human connection explored in riveting THE WAITING GAME

Cape Town Theatre Company


A riveting new story set to music and dance exploring the need and want for human connection THE WAITING GAME will be onstage at The Wave Theatre from 10 to 19 August 2023 and the Masque Theatre from 24 August to 2 September 2023.

“I'm waiting, making rent and some friends. Waiting, living my life, enjoying the ride. Putting ambition a bit to the side. In a job I guess I should be hating. And I'm not, and I'm waiting. ” - Micha, The Waiting Game

Cape Town Theatre Company is one of Cape Town’s most prolific creators of theatre within the city, and they are thrilled to bring this brand new production to the Western Cape. The Waiting Game is their latest musical exploration in this renowned company’s catalogue of work, and it sees the company returning to the newly managed Theatre now called The Wave Theatre, on 44 Long street and then traveling all the way to Muizenberg's much loved Masque Theatre. Following their magical production of The Secret Garden and their sold-out smash run of The Great Gatsby last year, this new production is set to leave a lasting impression. 

Cape Town Theatre Company returns with a brand new production set in the heart of Cape Town and the Muizenberg theatre community. The show is a riveting combination of heartfelt moments, action packed dance sequences and beautiful music all weaved together while taking the audience on a breath-taking journey of self-discovery, healing past traumas and simply finding the joy in everyday life. With a stellar cast of more than 17 performers and an original story set to music and dance, THE WAITING GAME asks those hard hitting questions we were all faced with after coming out of forced isolation and then having the want and need for human connection.


The story follows Skye, a sweet and over thinking actress, with big emotions, an over-abundance of energy and so much heart and Micha a frazzled, endearing, loyal and aspiring writer, who is in a slump after her book keeps getting rejected from publishing houses. Yearning for connection and waiting to find their way in the world, everything changes for good when the two of them meet and instantly become best friends, finding each other in the chaos of this new world.


However, everything is not sunshine and roses, as Leonard Sinclaire, father of Skye, runs a ruthless political campaign against Jacks Frost, the partner of Micha, to become a prominent senator in power. Skye and Micha are then thrown in the middle of it all and have to navigate the turmoil set forth by their families. A turn of events set them on a brand new path and it suddenly forces them to question everything they hold dear. 


This sincere production is set to warm your heart, intrigue your mind and feed your soul as it explores the concept that we are all waiting for something. Perhaps a job offer to come in, for a doctor’s appointment, for good news, for bad news, to win the race or to find that lifelong connection - we are all waiting for something. The question is, how long are you willing to wait.


THE WAITING GAME is the must-see theatre experience of 2023, not to be missed.


Dates: 10 - 19 August 2023.

Ticket price: R150 - R180



Dates: 24 August - 3 September 2023

 Ticket price: R150 - R180



Presented by - Cape Town Theatre Company

Director - Regina Malan 

Musical Director - Regina Malan 

Production Manager - Karin Botes

Choreographer - Wendy Henrique 

Set Designer - Regina Malan

Costume Designer - Marna Wright   

Stage Manager - Morag Tison                               

Assistant Stage Manager  - Melissa Marcus

Production Secretary - Melissa Marcus

Rehearsal Pianist - Chris Cameron Dow

Marketing - Justin Veldsman-                                    

Graphic Designer - Christoff van Wyk                                       

Dance Captain - Anastatia Thorne                                

CTTC Representative - Tasneem Karodia     



Skye Sinclaire - Caitlin Barnard

Micha - Emily Suttle            

Thommy Sinclaire - Jaun-Claude De Beer

Jacks Frost - Kate Howsley            

Leonard Sinclaire - Sean Dryden

Donna Sinclaire - Tanya Smith     

Victoria Sinclaire - Stephanie Bergsteeldt

Katherine - Caries Kinsley

Andrew - Jason Bailey             


Kerry - Anastatia Thorne   

Lucca / Hannah - Caitlin Hutchison

Dina - Charmaine Engelbrecht      

Taylor - Dewan Brandt            

Zach / Phillipe / Alan - Dylan Majavie

Gina / Pats - Kim Mortimer

Richard/Danny - Luke Bollman            

Riley - Reeva Craig            

Becky - Tazz-Lynn Wagner  



Stage Manager - Morag Tison

Production Secretary - Melissa Marcus

Assistant Stage Manager - Melissa Marcus

Marketing Manager - Justin Veldsman

Graphic Designer - Christoff van Wyk

Photographer - Martin Kluge



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