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PRESS: CLOUDS LIKE WAVES takes on loss, family, love and more

Megan Choritz


Clouds Like Waves, a play that is happening in spite of everything, opens at the Theatre Arts in Observatory on the 2 Feb 2022 for a very limited run of 5 performances. An extraordinary cast and team of creatives has come together to stage Megan Choritz’s original play for the first time ever in South Africa. This is a complete passion project, with a budget of zero, held together with spit, prestik and commitment.

Megan explains. “In September I put out a call on Facebook, honestly expressing my heartache about the state of theatre and its death during the pandemic. I said I had a play, Clouds Like Waves, and anyone who wanted to be involved could. That was the beginning of my faith being restored in how theatre can be miraculous. Caroline Calburn from Theatre Arts offered her venue (and costume design skills), actors jumped on board, and designers offered their help. Now it is happening.”

Clouds Like Waves is about loss, family, love, getting old, death, disappointment, and the human connection. It is a play of feeling. Many of the emotions are unresolved, or even unexplained. The scenes and monologues feel like clouds; one moment they look like something, and the next they are gone, just like feelings, like waves.

“The other thing I wanted to do was to try and write parts for actors beyond gender, race, and even age. Clouds Like Waves can be performed by as few as two people and as many as twenty, so I said yes to everybody.”

The dynamic and amazing cast are Coleen van Staden, Micharn Pollock, Nic Leonidas, Peggy Tunyiswa, Roy Hunter, Royston Stoffels, Tandi Buchan. It is directed by Megan Choritz and Rudy Nadler-Nir.

Tickets cost R120 and are available on

Shows are on Wed 2, Thurs 3, Fri 4, Sat 5 Feb at 8pm and on Sunday 6 Feb at 6pm


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